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Discover Natasha’s Top 3 Businesses of the Month

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This month I have come across several businesses and brands that have caught my eye. Each of them appeal to me in a different way and I am about to share those reasons why with you all. It’s always nice to show support for the people and businesses who you think are doing really well. …


Deborah Hodge on Comedy, Life and Inspiration

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Deborah Hodge kindly volunteered to answer some questions based on inspiration, comedy life, and life in general. Deborah has achieved many things in life such as appearing on television, standing up to her beliefs, and writing a novel just to name a few things.


Vote For Natasha Bolger Media in the UK Blog Awards

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I am delighted to tell you all that my blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the Lifestyle category. With your support and the amazing support I have received so far, I am in with the chance of being shortlisted as a finalist. God loves a trier right? I can only hope.


My Inspiration and My Hero, Are with Me Everywhere I Go…

grandad and granddaughter

Years can go by and there are people you’ll never forget. You don’t forget their smile, their laugh, or their ways. They’re a huge inspiration in your life. Even if you were at a much younger age than what you are now, there’s always something you can remember someone by.