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Discover Natasha’s Top 3 Businesses of the Month

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This month I have come across several businesses and brands that have caught my eye. Each of them appeal to me in a different way and I am about to share those reasons why with you all. It’s always nice to show support for the people and businesses who you think are doing really well. …


Bidvine – The Simple Way to Hire Local Service Professionals


With Bidvine you are able to search for the service you need and enter the postcode to see which services are available in that area. With your search, you’re able to answer a few questions so that the platform can filter the best services for your needs.


Promoting Others and Exploring a Range of Industries

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I love to see the progression of people from different industries. Showing your admiration of other peoples’ work enables you to share their success with the world. I’m pleased to tell you about three people who have recently caught my eye. All are from different fields but master their work in their own ways.