Life Lessons Learnt in 2017

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What lessons have you learnt this year? Yep, that’s another year that’s nearly over and done with again. I used to think I couldn’t quite believe it but then there comes a time when you realise how fast time can go. And you learn that time is so precious. One of my biggest goals for 2017 was a personal one – to worry less. Sounds much simpler written down, doesn’t it? I’d be lying if I said that I had fully achieved this. However, one thing is for sure, I’ve done my best to maintain a balance of positive thinking.

What I aimed for in 2017

Remember I told you that I wanted to get more active this year, as well as thinking a lot more positive? For the first part I really surprised myself. I didn’t become a fitness maniac but I conquered my gym fears and did all of the things I felt comfortable doing in order to increase my exercise activity. This hasn’t been everyday and this month it hasn’t even been at all. But I certainly do feel better once I partake in exercise. It boosts your mood and makes you feel stronger and fitter at the same time.

Great Manchester Run | Natasha Bolger Media
No one can make me smile like he does

As the new year began I was looking for a new challenge to get involved in for charity. Anyone that knows me, knows that I always like to do things for charities that are close to my heart. I was so pleased (and quite amazed at myself) that I completed my first ever 10k run in Manchester. Danny made it all the more possible having him by my side. I’m already thinking about what’s next… but that’ll save for another blog post.

Taking a different perspective

As for the worry side. That’s always been a big part of me, it’s always been in my nature to worry. However, I started to learn to handle things differently. It was time to stop worrying about others so much and start to realise the impact it has on me. Especially a young woman with migraines and high blood pressure (which I’m hoping will go away in the new year).

break in Salou
A nice holiday before I landed a brand new role

I’m really happy to know that I’ve tackled a lot this year and I’ve come out stronger. I made decisions that not everyone believed in but I did them for me. I started something new and couldn’t have been more grateful to be welcomed in such a wonderful team in the workplace. Danny also made it to a new workplace too! There’s always time to accomplish new things and gain new skills. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. The whole experience has given a new approach to life. If something doesn’t concern me, I shouldn’t worry about it. As for the rest, things will be what they are. You can’t change them.

Sometimes, I actually wonder why I’ve made myself so crazy. It’s mad. Running round in circles thinking what if, this or that… absolutely pointless. You only end up putting yourself on a downer when actually, you should be nothing but happy to move towards the future and live your life. Just the other night I was out with my two friends for Boxing Day. Truth be told we all got very merry and had a great night, especially me! I woke up thinking, oh no, me again. But then I thought, you know what when you’re out with friends, these things don’t matter. Another little thing I stopped myself from looming over.

Happiness is the most important thing

me mum and Phil
Me, mum, and one of my brothers on dad’s birthday

The biggest lesson learnt in 2017 is that, love and happiness is the most important things. Looking after yourself, watching your health, being there for others, all matter. Remember what and who matters to you. Don’t put them aside. I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for the friends and family by my side. I don’t have a huge group of friends. But I have the sweetest and fun closest friends. That’s all I need. I have my parents and two older brothers and hoping we’ll always stay close. And I have my amazing boyfriend, who, by the way, has put up with me for another year!

We just need to get a move on now and hope that more of our dreams start to come true in 2018. I’m sure I’ll share any new experiences that we face with you all. We really hoped to have moved out but that’s now of the things we know will be worth the wait. We’ll keep on saving and it will eventually happen. I do believe that.

Have you accomplished anything new this year?

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