Around the World Launch New Summer Cocktail Menu in Manchester

Around the World Bar Manchester

On Thursday 6 July, Around the World Bar, Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, in the Printworks launched their brand new summer themed cocktail menu. I was really excited to attend the event and be part of a great atmosphere to network with other bloggers. Free cocktails and food on a Thursday night, I couldn’t complain.

The cocktails were made up of many of our favourite spirits including vodka, rum, and gin. Choices on the menu included Passion Fruit Margarita and Strawberry Mojito along with English Country Garden with gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon, and topped with prosecco.

Around the World cocktails

Around the World cocktails

From all of the 18 cocktails that were available, they created the perfect summer vibe, especially as we get a lot of rainy days in Manchester. There’s no way I would have been able to consume the whole 18 but the staff at Around the World definitely didn’t leave us feeling thirsty.

“We look to create a contrast because you can’t just have sweet sweet sweet, that’s not a good combination. We only use fresh purees because they taste much more natural than regular juice, they give the cocktails texture and they look nicer because the colour is stronger.” – Dan Watson, Bar Supervisor

Cocktails are a very popular choice of drink at the moment, and Around the World gave us the perfect evening with their taste, music, and excellent hospitality.

Around the World Bar

Throughout the evening, we were also looked after, making sure we were fed! Although, I’m not sure if it was just me but more food would have been good. Is that just me being too greedy?

Around the World - food

A variety of canapés were served at the beginning of the evening followed by some delicious mini pizza pieces, and chicken goujons.

The size of the venue was ideal for the amount of people who attended.

A big thanks you to Lee and Paul Knowles for inviting me along. I’m glad I got to build more relationships with other bloggers and even meet one who I’ve been following for a while on Twitter and enjoying their posts.

I am very much looking forward to attending more of these events and getting to know more people along the way.

To see what others have to say about the venue, please visit TripAdvisor.

2 thoughts on “Around the World Launch New Summer Cocktail Menu in Manchester

  1. Can’t beat a Strawberry Mojito after a long week at work! These drinks look delicious, glad you had a lovely time x

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