The Nominations for the JustGiving Fundraisers Awards 2017 Are Live!

JustGiving Awards 2017 (1)

This is the first time I’ve heard about the JustGiving Fundraisers Awards.

If you know me, you’ll know how passionate I am about fundraising. It’s not all just about the amount of money raised but the meaning behind it – why I do it, who it’s for, there’s always a reason behind my fundraising which makes it all so meaningful.

My History of Fundraising and What It Means to Me

Fundraising isn’t something I do a hobby. There’s so much more meaning to it for me. I was first introduced to fundraising in Primary school, where we would fill our little St Joseph’s penny boxes. I would make it my utmost mission to overfill that box with 1p, 2p, 5p (and whatever coins I could).

Copper coins

Form then the first big fundraising event was in high school. I was told about St Ann’s Hospice, by the cooking teacher and how she was looking for volunteers to help fundraise for them. I volunteered with a group of people, my best friend being one of them.

We collated merchandise to sell around the school and the biggest part of all was wearing our yellow t-shirts to participate in the St Ann’s Hospice Midnight Walk. It was wonderful to be part of such a large amount of people who shared so much positive energy and carried the spirit on throughout the event.

A lot of people completed the event with family but we were in year 11 I think and we just went there ourselves and enjoyed it so much whilst doing something for a good cause.

Since then I have organised my own event to fundraise through JustGiving in December 2015. I planned a 5k walk around Salford to raise money for Tommy’s in memory of my sister, Nicola. And also, for the reason that I am blessed to be part of this world. See more about my story here.

Dementia Memory Walk

Afterwards, I participated in the Dementia Memory Walk in Manchester for Alzheimer’s Society in summer 2016, followed by my most recent event, the Great Manchester Run (10k) raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Both were fundraised online via JustGiving. The Great Manchester Run was one of my biggest achievements so far.

It would mean nothing without your support

If I have shown you a sign of inspiration, creativity sharing my journey, or whatever it may be, you are able to place your nominations here.

Great Manchester Run | BHF

My user for this year is natasha-bolger23. This year my main fundraising has been for the British Heart Foundation – donating clothes, furniture, becoming a Gift Aider, and participating in the Great Manchester Run (my first ever 10k), and spreading awareness of heart related causes on my blog.

Thank you for everyone’s support with all of the fundraising events I’ve participated in, especially over the last two years. Your donations have helped me reach a total worth of £840 and I hope to reach £1000 by my next fundraising activity. If anybody has any suggestions then please do send them my way as I am up for a new challenge!

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