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Chapel Street Salon | Natasha Bolger Media

I’ve been coming to Chapel Street Salon since around October/September. I was nervous to have my hair done in a new place by different people as I’ve stuck to the same woman who styled and coloured my hair since cutting my fringe at 3-years-old.

I remember walking into the salon as I was heading into Manchester City Centre and I was on the lookout for somewhere new to have my hair done. I walked in and a male member of staff looked at my hair to see the tones that went through, knew exactly what it was that I was going for and booked me an appointment in for the next day in the morning.

That’s one of the first good things I will mention about this sensational salon in Salford, they always do their best to get you an appointment when you need it the most and at the most convenient time for you.

Chapel Street Salon - header

From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile and there’s always someone available to see to you, ask you to take a seat, and offer a hot or cold drink. On yesterday’s visit after a successful shopping trip I made the most of my fourth experience there, 2 cups of tea, 2 biscuits, and a chocolate Brazilian sweet later. That’s what pamper days are all about, right?

It’s been great to see the renovation of the salon as it’s transformed from Glowing Salon to Chapel Street Salon. There’s much more of a modern, sophisticated style, and you enter into a Brazilian world of relaxation with its music and friendly atmosphere.

Chapel Street Salon | Natasha Bolger Media
Lovely sleek blonde highlights – yesterday was a curly finish but I forgot to take a photo!

The one thing I love the most is that once you’re sat down in the chair, the hairdresser who is doing your hair will always check for the shade you would like and how you would like your hair. Trusting someone to colour your hair is a big thing for me. Ever since my first occasion here, they ensured to keep my hair healthy and take their time as they are precise with each piece of my hair that they highlight.

Beautiful Brazilian Beauty

Yesterday in particular, a lovely lady named, Elodie suggested a sandy coloured toner because I didn’t want my hair to be too dull on the blonde scale but not too ashy or bright. We chatted the afternoon away as we got to know little facts about each other – family, home life, work etc.

Elodie has been my favourite stylist so far, in the way that she understands how important it is to care for blonde coloured hair especially because my hair is so fine. She even recognised that I had some baby hair, like herself, and suggested to use castor oil to help it grow as it worked for her.

When you’re having your hair washed it feels like heaven. They massage the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly and help you to feel very relaxed. It was definitely what I needed. My roots had grown so much thanks to Elodie, I feel like me again. The attention paid to my hair was amazing with neatness, and getting as close to my roots as possible to fulfil the sensational look.

It’s not just my words, it’s their promise to you.

We welcome you to visit the salon …and guarantee you’ll love the new look we create for you!

Chapel Street Salon | Natasha Bolger Media

I’d like to give a big thank you to Susie as well for being so welcoming with her customer service and giving me a goody bag with lots of little treats inside. Your team always make me smile and I’m sure this the salon I will stay at for the long future.

Chapel Street Salon | Natasha Bolger Media

Whether you want your hair wavy, curly, or straight, they’ll complete your look to perfection. With its affordable prices, brilliant customer services, and long-lasting results, I definitely recommend Chapel Street Salon.

Just as my Facebook review says:

Lovely service and the results are always great! They keep my hair looking healthy for longer.

They offer other services too – beauty, body & holistic, and manicure & pedicure. Check out their website for more information.

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