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My First Experience of a 10k Run – The Great Manchester Run 2017

Sunday 28 May is a day that still seemed so far away since the day I registered for the Great Manchester Run a few months ago. Danny wasn’t far behind me and registered a few weeks after me yet our running numbers were only one number apart, so that was good.

We began to train at the gym on the treadmill and developing other fitness. Then we decided that we needed to get used to running on the ground outside of the indoors. And I am so glad we did, because we found it to be a big difference.

The truth is, we probably could have done more training. But for us, the day wasn’t about being a professional runner. It wasn’t about time and it wasn’t about being competitive. Today was about running for our charities, for our grandparents. Hitting the finish line made me teary eyed as it’s something that I never would have dreamed of doing. But I did do it, and I did it with Danny, which made it even more of a special accomplishment.

Great Manchester RunGreat Manchester Run

There was such a positive and boosting atmosphere prior and during the whole event. We watched other waves getting ready to run after they did their warm-up and couldn’t wait until it was our turn. It didn’t rain, although we kind of wish it did at one point to cool us down. Luckily, there was two opportunities for the shower mists that were there so they helped a lot.

Before we began to run we did the minute’s silence for the atrocity that caused children and adults to lose their lives in Manchester on Monday evening. Once we began to run, it took a few moments to get passed the stage, where you feel like you’re too close to everyone to move properly.

British Heart Foundation | Natasha Bolger Media
British Heart Foundation | I should have held the border higher than you would be able to see the yellow bows I wore in my hair to show support for Manchester

We were so happy that we got to see my best friend, Faye as she was representing Diabetes UK and cheering runners from all charities on. It was lovely and so heart-warming to see all of the other charities, children wanting us to hit their hand as we ran past, and KEY 103 cheering us all on. I felt a great boost in my step when I saw the British Heart Foundation team, which is the charity I was running for in memory of my grandad – they were very supportive.

Great Manchester Run | Natasha Bolger Media

I loved how we did it together.

– Danny

There was a lot of sweat but most of all there was a lot of determination to run for Manchester and for our chose charities.

There were times where I wish I could have had more of a boost but the most important thing was finishing the entire route. I also think that I should have planned my meals better in the lead up to the event and on the day, so that would be my advice for anyone who’s considering their first 10k run.

We passed through the city centre and sights such as Manchester United. There were people ready to hand us bottles of water as we reached the aqua stands. They were nice and refreshing to have.

Great Manchester Run | Natasha Bolger Media

I couldn’t have ran through a more supportive city full of togetherness, strength, and drive to complete the run and be proud of ourselves and everyone. My favourite moment was approaching the finish line as we ran through the last 1km. We held hands to make sure we reached the end together.

Thank you to each and every one of you who supported us in all kind of ways – donations, cheering us on at the event today, sending your messages, and believing in us.

If you haven’t done a 10k before or a run of any kind, I recommend that you do it. Take the plunge and do it for you, your family, a friend, or for a cause which is close to your heart.

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