hotel las vegas

Our Stay at Hotel Las Vegas, Salou

This was mine and Daniel’s first stay in a 4* hotel abroad. I have stayed in a 4* hotel before in New York but neither of us had ever had the chance to experience staying in one on a beach holiday, like Las Vegas, Salou.

Thomas Cook flight

We flew out to Reus, Salou with Thomas Cook on 2 May and we stayed at Hotel Las Vegas in Salou. Prior to our holiday we had read many positive reviews online about the hotel, which made us so excited to arrive and experience the stay for ourselves.

As we are a young couple, we didn’t know if we would fit in okay but it turns out we did just fine. First impressions when we saw the hotel as we arrived in the morning was ‘Whoa, are we really staying here?!’

The hotel was in the perfect location for us and perfect to get to and from where we needed to go.

Free facilities included: a gym (which we didn’t make use of as we didn’t feel it was as good as the rest of the facilities and we never seemed to see anybody in there), WiFi, which you are provided with a password and username for on your arrival at the hotel, entertainment, and several more.

One night there was a soul themed night with amazing performances from The Wave. Even though we were the only young ones in the audience on this night, we were probably singing away to the songs and dancing just as much.

Customer Service

Receptionists – all of the receptionists were helpful and friendly. We didn’t have any queries but they were happy to help with any questions we did have.

Bar staff – there was this one lovely elderly man in particular who was just lovely. I think everyone thought the same about him. He would always let on, and he was so pleasant to everyone and made us smile.

Cleaners – our rooms were maintained on a daily basis with fresh towels, beds made, and general cleaning. Whenever we passed by any of the cleaners, they always greeted us with a smile and said ‘Hola’.


Room – as I’ve stated above, our rooms were kept on top of with cleaning, and it really was 5 out of 5 for cleanliness. The toilet, shower, sink etc. were very clean.

Pool – there were three pools which were all beautiful and a really good size. More people were checking in as the week was passing by so there was space for all people to relax in the sunshine on a sun lounger. The pools and areas surrounding them were very clean and a SOS guard was available.


We were on a half-board basis, so we had breakfast and dinner available to us. We were told that we could swap dinner for lunch if we wanted to on any day. We were given our table number on our first evening, which is then yours for the rest of the day. We were close to a window view which looked out onto the nearby area and the sea in the near distance.

Hotel Las Vegas restaurant

Breakfast was my favourite part. There were eggs, bacon, beans, toast, fruit, bakery options, pancakes, baguettes, cheese, ham, etc. and I always made sure I was full. There was a selection of drinks including pineapple juice, orange juice, tea, and coffee.

I enjoyed the selection of dinner food on the first four evenings the most. After then, I began to feel like I needed something different, as it felt a little repetitive. Most of the food was lovely and a starter and main was also available for you to choose.

You go up to the different areas of the restaurant and choose your food for yourself. You also get to see the chef cooking some foods in front of you.

Desert was extremely nice, which a choice of cake, jelly, fruit, custard etc. and I must admit, I was probably a little too greedy on the first few nights, but I was on holiday after all.


During our stay we noticed that there were people from all over, mainly elderly, however, we seen some families with young children, and young couples like ourselves.

Other than a noisy couple we had beside us causing us to have interrupted sleep every night, it was a very enjoyable stay. We felt welcomed throughout the whole duration of our day, and we would definitely recommend Hotel Las Vegas for anyone who is thinking about coming to Salou for the first time or returning on another visit.

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