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Let’s Keep Going

Let’s keep going… it’s nearly the end of day 10 and there’s 30 more to go.

For the Lent period, I decided to give up chocolate (I know for those who now me well will know I’ll fly through this because I carried it on for three years on a previous lent…) that’s another story. Another thing I’ve decided to do is to not eat out, including receiving take-away deliveries to the house.

It’s going well and I am saving money in the process, due to the not eating out part. I do have to admit though, the past week I’ve been slacking on my training for the 10k Great Manchester Run. I’ve felt so unmotivated to activate myself into workout mode and it has been the same for blogging.

I need to let obstacles be opportunities to fight harder and become stronger. I think there’s always room for improvement – whether it be by means of pushing ourselves further or setting ourselves weakness that we need to strengthen.

As gloomy as some weeks can be, I believe there’s always something to be inspired by.

During an awards evening at work this week, one speaker said that it isn’t about finding the right employee but finding the best employer for you. I think there’s so much pressure in this world when it comes to finding a new job, but sometimes we know it’s the right thing we need to do to grow more and explore more of what’s the real you.

Having said that, there are many job applications and processes that exist, some with many questions. These questions can make you wonder what they’ll include in an interview, if you’re successful on this particular stage of the application process.

I imagine the day I’m in a role where I know that I am onto something. Through all of my experiences that I’ve had so far I know I’m on the right track, but I also know there’s something more right down that track.

The amount of times people will say to me ‘you need to find something permanent’ can become quite frustrating. I obviously know that if I want to build a life of my own and move into a new home with my boyfriend. But we both know what we want – it’s about us, and nobody else. Finding these things can be difficult but we won’t give up. We are the kind who will make do out of certain situations.

It can make you feel better when people actually or at least try to understand that we live in a competitive world, especially one when it comes to the employment journey. No matter what experience you’ve got, you’re not going to be assigned to that new role unless you can show why you stand out.

Just because you’ve only been in a position for a small period of time, does not mean to say that you haven’t had an adequate amount of time to realise how it’s working for you. Likewise, it does not mean to say that you’ve grown any less than someone would have in a year’s time or more.

We should all be able to do things at our own pace, with our own minds and beliefs to guide us along.

Here’s to giving it all I’ve got and hopingfor the best in the future.

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