Reflections of Christmas Day

Christmas day is over – do you prefer to think of Christmas as being over altogether or do you prefer to look at the duration until the New Year as the Christmas period?

Either way it’s the perfect time of year to be grateful for the gift we have – life. Some of us live life to the full whilst others are simply breathing in the air that surrounds us as each day passes by.

What are you thankful for this year? I for one could not be more thankful for the friends and family that surround me, especially the kind of friends that are like family. There might only be a handful but I would rather have a close relationship with close than a crowd of people who I cannot rely on.

After all Christmas is an important time of year to spend the time who those who you love the most. Whether those people are in heaven or by your side in person, you always know who’s truly there.

This Christmas, my family and I had a Christmas dinner together which was lovely to have us all together at the same time. Mum and dad were definitely enjoying the memory in action all-day long. I also had the chance to visit my niece in the morning, early, but it was worth it. Also, we had the chance to visit our other family members. Later in the evening, we played some games at Danny’s auntie and had a good laugh with everyone there.

The best parts of the day were:

  • Waking up with my boyfriend (even if it was at 4.00am before we fell back to sleep until 5.00am). I kept telling myself that it wasn’t so much the excitement but rather the fact that I genuinely could not sleep as I never usually can for too long after I’ve already woken up once.
  • Looking around the table during Christmas dinner and seeing everybody with a smile on their face. Regardless of how the food or drink tasted, we were bound to be smiling because we were spending the afternoon together as a family.
  • Seeing our new baby nephew and then our niece after waking up on the first Christmas with her dad. It was such a memorable event in not only my brother’s life but all of ours.

Eating out for Christmas dinner this year really made me reflect on past Christmases. As soon as we entered the place where we were having our Christmas dinner, I could see how different it was compared to many years ago.

The place was so crowded. Whilst we were waiting to be seated I was looking around and wishing I had seen grandad’s face in there somewhere. On the last Christmas dinner that we spent here, grandad was there. And some of dad’s side of the family was there too, which made me wish he was there even more like the old times.

However, I also took the time to realise that all of the people who were around me are special to me in different ways. I have made friendships with my both of my brother’s girlfriends. I had my parents around which I am very lucky to have. My boyfriend was by my side and my brothers didn’t torment me too much at the table this year, which was a huge bonus of the day.

It was smiles all round – but not the easiest time for some members on both sides of our families. I do like to keep the memories alive though – I got Danny some Jaffa Cakes from his nana as she always did. I also love it whenever me and my brothers remember the same things from our childhood.

Thank you to everybody who made yesterday another wonderful memory.

I hope all of my angels in the sky sparkled together. I still look outside my bedroom window at night and see that you’re there in the sky and wherever I go.

So many hugs and kisses for all of you and love you always.

One thought on “Reflections of Christmas Day

  1. It’s always good to recall the good things we’ve got through in the past. I enjoy reading your post showing details of your reflection, Tasha. It’s one from which I reflect mine too..

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