Tasha’s Tips for Today


Today might not been the best day of your life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to class it as your worst.

Days that haven’t been the best teach me many things. It’s just sticking by what I’ve learnt that can be the hard part at times.

Two tips from me today are:

Don’t follow the negativity of others

If someone else has been in the picture that’s experienced the day you have. You might want to stick together… Or you might want to find your own way of dealing with it. Sometimes, it can be better to focus on yourself a little more. Rather than behaving in a certain manner to make others feel better, be yourself and just try to get yourself through the day.

You might not have done as worse as you think you have. You might not have

Trust and believe in yourself more

You might feel so clumsy some days. You might feel like you’re constantly forgetting something or that you’re doing something wrong.

If you trust yourself, you’re going to increase the amount of faith that you have in yourself. Self-belief is so important. Over-confidence isn’t so attractive in my eyes. So the way I see it, we all make mistakes and we all have to travel on a journey to get things right. In work today, a woman from the department next door said,

“See, you’re getting really good at that now.”

…And that really did make me smile. Sometimes, hearing the little comments from day-to-day help you feel better. But it can also be the little things that can bug you. Control how you handle these situations. Don’t let anyone take you for granted.

Sometimes, you just have you breathe, take a moment to yourself, and remember that you’re deserving of good things. Just because something bad happens, don’t think it should be a regular occurrence. Just because somebody gets away with something doesn’t make it okay. You deserve respect, and most of all, you deserve happiness.

Sometimes, it’s just going to be one of those days. It’s when it becomes a repeated occasion that you might want to think about what’s important. Choices can be difficult to make when you consider the consequences but it doesn’t mean that we can’t consider the positive aspects from a more forward thinking perspective.

After a long hard day, go home, switch off, and have that well needed relax time.


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