5 Ways to Win My Heart


Deep down, the main components to win my heart are love, honesty, and happiness. I love my friends and family just as much as they love me. We share each other’s happiness and we know that being open to each other is important.

We bounce of each other’s proud and joyful moments, and support each other at our weakest. For me, it’s knowing that you have those people in your life that you can always hold close in your heart.

Aside from that, below are five of some of the ways in which you can win my heart.


What a coincidence, food is first on the list! I really do love my food. Chicken nuggets and chicken in general, bacon, roast dinners, shepherd’s pie, Bolognese (especially with meatballs), tagliatelle pasta, are a few of my favourites.

Yeah there’s a list I could go on and on with to be honest. I am definitely one of those people who need to eat, otherwise I’ll feel light-headed if I skip a meal. So all the better for me really. Also, I enjoy a good Happy Meal or McChicken Sandwich meal.


I see myself as a friendly person. I like to think that people can approach me. I like to act in a polite manner and usually it’s returned. I’ve made friends with many people – including primary school friends, high school friends, college friends, university friends, work friends, friends of friends etc.

The friendships that have latest have been due to making time on both sides, catching up whether it’s a quick chat and meeting up, being there for each other at the most difficult times, having a laugh, cheering each other on, and motivating each other. Most importantly, probably through seeing me at my absolute worst and still being there – my best friend, Faye and Daniel for sure.

Having a sense of humour

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I will laugh at the most random times and occasionally during the most inappropriate of times. I do take important life matters seriously, I don’t mean in the way that I laugh at something which would offend someone deeply. It’s most likely at those moments similar to when you were a kid and you’re told not laugh then feel an urge to do so.

I like to enjoy life and for me, laughing is part of it. I love hearing funny stories, watching comedy programmes and films, and just having a laugh in general. It’s especially good when you’re good when you’ve had one of those down days, or hard days at work, and you come home to someone making you laugh.

Personally, I think we should all laugh at least once a day.

Enjoying music

Right now as I’m writing this post I am listening to music through my earphones. Music motivates me in several different ways. It can relax me, it can be thought-provoking, it can give me the energy to complete a task, and it can make it happy when it comes to those uplifting songs you can dance and sing around the house to.

When I was younger I always listened to the TOP 40 UK Chart every Sunday from 4:00pm. And now I love to keep up with the latest music and still listen to the oldies. My favourite playlists include such a variety of music, that I think some people would be surprised. I like it when a song reminds you of someone/something, and a person can always relate a certain song to you.

Being family orientated

When some people refer to family, they have different perspectives. I including my best friend and boyfriend of course, they have been in my life long enough and made such a huge impact in my life. I love the type of people who really respect their family and love them with every inch of their body.

The only other thing I see come close to importance is your heath, but then, if something ever happens, you know you’ve got your family. Whoever you class as your family is your choice and you can make your own family if you want to.

I’m blessed to have my family. I think it’s important to return the love you receive from your family – from upbringing, to watching us grow, to being there in the most challenging situations. I never forget who my family are. Therefore, I never like to treat any family members like anything other than the important people that they are in my life.

What are the five ways to win your heart?

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Win My Heart

  1. My family, laughter, romance, a new experience and food are all ways that light that fire in my soul. We should do more of what we love, don’t you think? 🙂

    1. So lovely! Yes we definitely should do more of the things that we love. I’m starting to think more about the things that uplift my mood, especially on stressful occasions or when you’re having ‘one of those days’ 🙂

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