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The Most Important Thing That’s True to Me

Ask yourself these three questions:

If you did something wrong today or tomorrow to someone who loves you the most, would they forgive you?

Who would be in your corner fighting your battle with you?

Who can you call at 3am in the morning without any judgements or questions asked except if you’re okay and where they can find you?

There will be times where no matter how old I am, I’ll want my mum for her advice – whether it be to make me better well I’m ill or how to create something new. I’ll always respect my father’s advice on something as he has been a dominant man in my life – I was a daddy’s girl growing up and now I think I’m equally a mummy’s girl just as much.

As we grow older and become more independent, it’s right for us to return the love and care they’ve given us if you feel that you’ve had that loving relationship with them. There are bound to be times where there are disagreements between people but even when it happens with my parents, I know they’ll still support me in the end and they will always love me. Mum has always told me and brothers to stand up tall and be proud.

There have been several occasions where I’ve been afraid that someone will look at me differently. I’ve also worried that I’ve reminded them of something or someone. But what I have learnt by such experiences is to stay true to myself.

Whenever I feel like I might be going off track it’s important to remember how to get back onto the journey I’m on – the best place – it’s where my loving family and friends are. So yes, I can say that I have been forgiven for things that I have done wrong.

Forgotten? I’m not sure. But I tell myself that if I’m ever to do anything seriously wrong, to not take the people for granted who love you the most. I can honestly say that my parents wouldn’t let anyone say anything bad about me without them expressing their opinion, and vice versa.

Likewise, my boyfriend is a person who has loved me for me from day one. He respects my decisions and fills my life with reassurance that I can achieve the greatest things. My best friend always seems to be in a very similar agreement with him too.

As far as fighting battles go, my brothers have played a huge role in my life when it comes to protecting me. Maybe they get it from my dad or maybe it’s just been a thing for them to continue with since the day I was born as their little sister. If anyone’s ever said or done anything hurtful to me, they’ve been in my corner and protected me.

A couple of key memories come into my mind here. My brother Gaz was there for me when a boy called me as I was at our local shopping centre just because he knew I was associated with a girl he didn’t like anymore. Well my brother was annoyed and thought that no one had the right to call his little sister (he probably wouldn’t want me telling the world this but oh well).

Another time was when my brother Phil knew about me being bullied at school. I didn’t share this with anyone – not a single soul. But Phil knew without me even telling the whole story. He would always get his mates to check I was okay and whenever there seemed like someone would be causing me trouble, at least one of them would be in sight asking if I was okay.

It’s funny really, my brothers would joke around and call me little things but no way in this world could anyone bully me. Bullies can be clever I guess when they try to play their little games when no one else is around.

All three, my two brothers and my dad have all played a part whenever a boy has been involved. Now that I’m a woman at the age of 22, they’ve calmed down since I’ve been with Daniel for three and a half years and they’re all genuinely happy for me. I think I’m happy to have overcome the challenge! I never thought I’d see the day where my brothers, and my dad, would love another man who has such a huge impact in my life.

Who can I call at 3:00am in the morning? Definitely Daniel. I have done so on several occasions and he’s never gone mad at me for it. He deserves an award to be honest. Not just for being at my side when I’m stuck getting home, suffering from a migraine, or listening to me stress, but for devoting so much time to me with.

Daniel is a real family person and he has one of the biggest hearts. He offers so much love to his family. And he classes me on the same level as them. That’s one of the biggest things I think I’ve ever accomplished.

If it’s a dark, cold night travelling home Daniel, my mum and dad, auntie Linda, and Daniel’s mum have always said to call them.

So the meaning to the title of this post is what I’m about to tell you…

The most important thing that’s true to me is, love. My parents have always loved me. My brothers have always loved me. My auntie and uncles have always loved me and the same goes for the rest of my family including my best friend. And of course, Daniel. The people who have truly loved me is the reason why they’re still in my life today.

A special mention here to my granny and grandad, two people who aren’t alive but they always will be in my heart because I don’t believe that any other two people could have been a bigger inspiration in my childhood. When I think about it, they’re probably two people who I could have rang at 3:00am and they’d get me a taxi home (probably think I’m being a pain but still…)

And in all honesty, they always had my back too. Grandad would make sure that granny joined in playing shop or post because he knew how much I wanted us all to play! The same goes for granny telling my brothers to be quiet whenever they thought they were being clever around me.

If you love someone – family, friends, whoever, make sure they know about it.

We are blessed to have friends and family – whoever we class as our family or friends does not matter. It’s standing by those who love and care for us the most.

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