6 Reasons Why I Love My Job Already


If you’re passionate enough, you’ll see that it won’t always feel like a job and you are developing your career. – Natasha Bolger

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m almost a week in, but I am learning so much already. Truth is, I think it is a role where I will be learning something new every day. I would like to share the six reasons why I love my job already.

Being in a routine

There’s nothing better than an organised structure, especially at work. I thought I would dislike the early mornings. But to be honest, I’ve always loved early mornings, I’ve just been used to being a little less productive in my few weeks of unemployment.

Being challenged

It is a busy, fast-paced environment but it is a brilliant role to active in. There’s a great deal of things which I still need to learn but I think that it is a good thing. Being challenged can keep us on our toes and it certainly does for me. I just think, one step at a time.

It’s dynamic

As with everything new there is to learn, there’s always something new to be focusing on, you can create new content, share new ideas, and most importantly, I am learning more about myself. I am learning the capabilities that I never knew I had and I’m sure there will be more within my reach.

I want to succeed

As soon as I started the role, I’ll admit that I was nervous. Likewise, I was today being on reception at one of the centres, but I got through it (with asking loads of questions of course). Being a role which excites me, challenges me, and makes me want to succeed is actually the best combination.

It’s professional

Of course, every job has its professional environment. But there’s something even more so professional that I perceive in this role. To work for a college and to work in its marketing department is something so incredible – something which I thought I’d never be involved in. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, and as a team, we are all professional together.

I feel accomplished

I was ecstatic when I was offered the job, but I’m even happier being active in the role. I am scared, but I suppose that’s only normal eh? I hope so anyway. I tend to be scared about the things that I care most about, so that tells you something.

What’s makes you feel happy in your job?


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