Following a Path to Self-Love

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There is so much material in this world which reinforces us to believe that we should idolise someone and want to be like them. To what extent is this going too far? There needs to be more self-love reinforcement of who we are. Not somebody else.

Rather than focusing on what you want to be, you can take the time to focus on who you are today. Think about your strengths and weaknesses. Throughout all of your experiences and endeavours, remember that the truest person to be is yourself.

With the media, as well as people around us, can from time-to-time make us envy a person about how flawless they may constantly look, or because of how they always seem to have everything in place. Sometimes, you think you want to be like a certain person and you want to travel all of the journeys that your friend or someone you may know/not know has.

Why should you follow someone else’s dream?

You have the opportunity to make your own life. You are able to distinguish the things you enjoy to those which you dislike. This also enables you to take the ones which you dislike to do over again if you think it could have an impact on your life which could possibly make you stronger, whether it be physically or emotionally.

When I was younger I always wanted to be Baby Spice from the Spice Girls. I loved her blonde hair, her voice, her dress sense, and I always thought she was so pretty and funny. My mum even dressed me up as her on our first family holiday to Tenerife for a competition. I danced and sang every minute on the dance floor and just for that hour or so on stage, I was living like Baby Spice.

It did not concern me that I didn’t have the other members there or that I was living in my own world. I was happy. I used to love having my hair in piggy tails, especially as I had natural blonde hair at the time.

Wannabe Baby Spice

One of my favourite t-shirts was this white one with SPICE written across it in pink. Whenever I see Emma Bunton on television, I often reminisce about these kind of childhood memories. But then I think again that, everyone has their own life no matter what character they portray in a film, programme etc.

As you grow up, you see that people wish to attain bigger hopes and ambitions. I still see female celebrities on television, Instagram, Twitter etc. and think “Wow. Imagine if I looked like that. Flawless hair and skin. Amazing life. Etc.”

Then I think, we all come from somewhere. Not all of us start at the top. We start at the bottom and rise to success. And my biggest thought is that, if you look around you and see all of the people who add value to your life, no matter how big or small of an amount, you have something amazing. Even those who feel like you do not have a lot of people around you, you can open your eyes and seen that you have accomplishments to be proud of.

Surprising others

There will be something you’ve done which surprised others. Perhaps it isn’t related to an intelligence or career matter – you may have done something which shows others what a big and warm heart you have by offering a gesture of generosity or kindness.

Whatever you want to do in life, it’s your thing. It’s okay to change the position you want to work in your career. And it’s okay to get things wrong along the way. We all lose ourselves from time-to-time. But we find ourselves again.

I just want to be me. There’s nothing worse than false portrayals. Shouldn’t portrayals just be for television? We shouldn’t be representing ourselves just for the satisfaction of feeling better about ourselves. I don’t mean getting your hair styled at the hairdressers. I mean changing your personality to match someone else’s.

Self-love will make you realise how happy you can be

Some people struggle to see this, such as people who suffer from anxiety or other conditions. But it would be brilliant to see a world where everyone appreciates each other’s beauty and talents.

Never hate yourself because there’s been someone in your life who hasn’t liked or loved you.

Author: Natasha Bolger

Creator of Natasha Bolger Media.

19 Comments on “Following a Path to Self-Love

  1. Such an important message. I do believe we can learn from the example of others, but there’s a difference between learning and comparing ourselves, which by the way is just as unfair to the other person as it is to you. Most people who have achieved a measure of success worked long and hard to do so, ignoring that work does them a disservice. In fact, I believe that it is those early years in a successful person’s life where the greatest potential for learning is for the rest of us. How did they overcome their challenges? If they did it, so can I, but in my own unique way!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I completely agree that it is in our early years of learning that has an impact on others. And yes, the success that others have earnt should never be ignored. Thank you for reading this post.

  2. I think kids today probably aspire to be like their favorite celebrities more than ever before. Now we can feel like we’re watching every second of our favorite celebrities lives on Instagram or Twitter. So you can really develop envy and aspirations to live someone else’s life. I grew up always looking towards the future. At this point in my life, I’m having to retrain myself to focus on the now.

  3. I know it is important to “know thyself” but for me it is a reference point. Self-examination is more important to me then self realization. After, I examine myself, I do pick out my flaws and limitations. This way I can improve on them each day. Sometimes, we get into this accept who you are and enjoy it. If you do this, then what you are today is what you will remain. There is no improvement.

  4. I agree, being original is worth more than being a copy. Taylor swift says ‘ You are lucky enough to be different never change’ each person has something within themselves which separates them from others they just need to find that and work on it. I have been criticized for the path I have chosen it’s up to me whether to go ahead or not!

    Thanks for sharing a basic but important message!

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