We All Wish for Something – Give It Time


Time has the ability to test our patience. But it can also be such a wonderful thing. With time we grow, we learn, and we experience many things. Good or bad – they give us something to feel emotionally and feel inspired by.

I told my friends and family that I would give myself until the end of August to find a new job within my desired industry. That being in the media industry, I have experienced the high-rise of competition that there is out there in the employment world. Once I had completed my twenty-fifth interview within a mixture of different roles, I finally began to lose count.

I thought positively to myself that something good could come my way. I have got by financially – I do not own a car or my own house but there are still bills that I have to pay and I do like to contribute at home to my parents. I have also got by emotionally – although there have been outrages of frustration and tears along the way.

No one understands the true feeling until they experience it themselves. Some people do not see it as being a big deal. But wow, it is one of the things that I never thought would be so hard and damn it proved me so wrong.

Yesterday I woke up with less motivation than usual. I felt like I was a dead point. My friends and family were telling that I wasn’t though because I was being invited to so many interviews. As great of an opportunity it is to attend them, it can be so disappointing to hear bad news or no feedback at all so you have to realise the decision that a company has made by yourself.

For me, the not receiving any form of feedback has been the biggest cause of my frustration – not knowing where to improve and where employers see the point where my strengths lie at this moment in time.

However, there have been occasions where I have been told that I present myself professionally, I have a bright personality, and there are many skills and experience that would add such value to their company. And here comes the however again… there were other candidates which had more experience. I must say that I do appreciate feedback, it helps me to think of ways to move forward and approach new opportunities with willpower.

I have always been a determined and enthusiastic individual. And I can say this with great certainty. There have been interviews, jobs, and experiences in my life full of different kind of spirits. There have situations I have not wished to be in. There are tasks I really did not want to complete. But without doing so, I would not have been able to surprise myself and grow both personally and professionally.

You hear experts over social media write about why people don’t get the job they were interviewed for and so on. But it is important to remember that everyone is different. We cannot give the same reason for each individual. We all have talents and attributes which make us our unique selves. And like I have mentioned in previous posts, we all have our weaknesses. I thought one of mine was going to be that I give up. But I didn’t. I decided to stick with my way of thinking.

We all know what’s for us and what isn’t. And yesterday morning, as much as I felt like nothing was going to progress from the interview, I attended and arrived at 8:40am (20 minutes to wait and feel prepared). I answered eight questions, some of which were similar to others which I had experienced at the same organisation. I smiled, I listened intently, and I enjoyed the whole half an hour that I was in the room and meeting more staff members whilst being shown their working areas.

Being told that I was one of four applicants being interviewed (out of the whole twenty) on this day made me feel proud. I felt that I was still achieving something even if I was not chosen for the job because I was noticed and stood out to them in some way or another. I was told that I would hear back by the end of the day, or at the very latest, the next morning.

It was 14:55 and I had missed a call so I called back immediately after receiving a voicemail to please return the call. “It’s Karen from Salford City College. We would like to thank you for coming in today…” There we go. My mind went into all kinds of wonder – this is where they tell me the but… part.

To my surprise this was not happening this time. They offered me the job! And I am in my absolute element. Looking back on the phone call, I have to laugh at myself for raising my voice to such a high pitch when I responded: “Really?!”

I don’t think anyone knows how exciting this career move actually is for me. I have worked so damn hard and I knew I wanted to stay on my own path. I am going to be a full-time Marketing Assistant, on a maternity cover basis, but I am over the moon. This is an amazing step for me. Things are starting to look up and are giving me such a hopeful future. Regardless of any doubtful comments from other people, this is perfect for me.

Another door has opened. I know it is going to be a challenging and fast paced environment but I am ready for this. I feel accomplished and that nothing can stop me from doing what I am excited to do. This has shown me that you can make it. I believe in starting off small to achieve greater things and by this perspective coming to life, my dream has come true.

I am so very thankful for everyone who has stuck by me in the most repetitive and hardest of times. I’m sure you will all continue to be part of my journey and that is what makes it even more special.

Who knows what’s going to be on the side of another door?

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