The Power of Writing and Inspirations

Lately, I’ve been wondering if it is just me that has a huge barrier hit them which stops them for thinking of new ideas to write about. Then something hit me even stronger – we all have blocks in our minds from time to time.

Likewise, we all daydream and wonder into our own thoughts, maybe this is more of an occurrence for myself than others. But one thing is for sure, I have learnt that I can write about any one of those wonders.

As much of you will have realised, amongst all of my fears and weaknesses, I’ve also shared my triumphs with you all on here.

There are three programmes which come into my mind right now – Jane the Virgin, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars. Oh, you’re probably thinking, “Ah right, they’re your favourite girly television series to watch and that’s what you would like to share?”

But that’s where you would be wrong. There’s a strong purpose for me including these programmes today. That being, each programme has a character who wants to be a writer and then actually classes themselves as being a writer. Jane, Dan, and Aria all enjoy writing in their own unique ways.

It came to my mind that they all feel like they hit a dead-end too. I know it is not all real life, however, it is inspirational to me on some kind of level. A lot of my writing comes to me through reflections on my very own life and often the life of others, with a combination of other worthy causes in there too. Hence my tagline of ‘Reflections on Life and Everything Else’.

In the same way, each character is able to find something to influence what they write on a particular day. Whether it be a downfall or a rise, they write about it. I think this could be the reason that I find myself relating to these characters more than the others. Not through lifestyle choices or morals but by the way that they find the motivation to write in a similar yet different way.

They all experience different challenges and are determined to approach them with their utmost determination.

That is simply what I am doing today. Sometimes I have worried to the point where I wonder what’s left to feel about a situation. But then I turn it all around, breathe, and say:

I’ve got this.

…because I have and I am the only one who can make it happen.

Today is the day of my granny’s 75th birthday. As my mum came in the door from work this afternoon, I turned to her and shown her a photograph of me and granny. Immediately my mum’s heart sunk and she cried. My mum is a person who I see having it altogether.

Although, no matter how many years pass, not having her mother by her side is heart-breaking. I dread the day that I have to experience this but I will give my mum all the hugs and love she needs.

As granny always believed that patience is a virtue, I hold onto this understanding. It keeps me the strength and hope that I need to maintain in order to keep going one step further to achieving something new, and maybe something big.

As far as today goes, the greatest thing I have seen is the love from my mother, father, and boyfriend. I gave my mum the biggest hug, my dad gave me the greatest help tidying granny and grandad’s grave and I also put more shiny stones down (purple ones especially, as the colour reminds me of their wedding), and my boyfriend gave me something to smile about knowing he is always there for me.

For the rest of the day, I am going to carry on being relaxed and completing a few more tasks. There’s still time for you to feel something worthwhile if you have not already. If you’re like me, you too will find inspiration in the littlest things.

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