A Bit of Monday Motivation


An average thought can turn into something much more inspirational.

I woke up this morning and thought to myself,

“It is just another day.”

What might seem like ‘just another day’ can usually be something more. I like to see myself being proactive – whenever there is something I could be doing, I will try to do it even if I do not master it. The same goes for waking up again and having to repeat the same process. There have been times where I have believed that,

“Good things come to those who wait.”

However, most recently, I have taken into consideration, that in the employment world, perhaps good things come to those who are patient and work so damn hard to get to where they want to be.

I am a big believer that in time, the right route to success will come along your journey. In a way, I am succeeding. I have not given up. I’ve been stressed, worried, fearing about the worst possible outcomes at times but I need to keep a positive attitude.

For all of the people who have had faith in me, have made me believe that I should have a lot more faith in myself. In order to have the drive to carry on, you must believe that you can achieve something.

There will be more experienced candidates. There will be more intelligent ones. There will also be more confident ones. But if you give something your all and you are being yourself, there’s nothing more than you should be.

Many employers have expected a lot more of me. I have not met criteria for some job applications due to not having a 2:1 or a 1st. However, I have very much experienced quite a lot on the experience side of the industry but there always seem to be a candidate who has experienced more.

It is a very frustrating situation to be in. People will suggest things you have already tried over and over again. Whereas, at times, there will be suggestions which are new to you which you will consider. When it comes down to it though, I have to choose what would make me happy. I do not want to be in a job simply for the world to see that I am employed and not to feel down about not having any current experience.

I have learnt a lot through a process which I never thought would take so long but unfortunately it has. I have been open-minded in that, if a job is meant to be then it will be. Where I have been a candidate of many, many emails along the lines of,

“We regret to inform you…”

…is just another reason to give myself a bigger push. Some people see me as being quite stubborn in the way that I refuse to let everything go that I have worked for. I am not saying that I have to work within a media studies environment straight away. But I know that one day I will earn my place.

I am willing to start off in something else, just like I experienced something new with working in a learning support environment. But even the staff I met there said that I am capable of such bigger and better things.

The media surrounds us all. And in some way or another, through the transferable skills and knowledge that I’ve built through my academic studies, volunteer work, work experience, employment, and realities, I can take these with me into many different fields of work.

Some people do not realise the amount of recruitment companies and career advisors that have been stunned to see how much time and effort I have put into different opportunities. Of course, they understand that the job world can be a very competitive environment, the media industry especially. However,

Until someone is in your shoes or truly sees how hard you are working towards something, they do not seem to understand it. Last week my oldest brother shown that he believes in me, and he is not always the type of person to show his emotions to his little sister.

He told me that I’ve worked hard to get where I am today and that I should not waste it by choosing a completely different path and not have the chance to improve on what I’ve already done.

Everybody’s circumstances are different. I do not have my own house. I do not drive. I do not have any children who are dependent on me. However, I do have a lot of motivation to better myself. I always want to achieve something more. I want to start off small and build bigger opportunities and experiences in life.

Moving out is an idea which has come to life in certain aspects however, it would take for myself and my partner to be in different jobs (an actual job in this moment in time for myself) for this to be an ideal step.

On several occasions I feel so pressured and that my head is about to explode. I feel like I do not want to answer anyone’s questions anymore. I just want to be able to prove that I will make it. If others believe in me then I have to believe in myself. I am a very committed person and I aim to carry this quality with me throughout my entire life.

So, for anyone who woke up this morning and thought the same as me, believe that something good could happen. Do not give up too soon without giving more opportunities a chance.

There could be something right in front of you to add lightness upon your day.

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