Just Keep Swimming as Dory Says


I do believe that one doors closes another one will open. And in fact, it can open new and even better things. Although my position with Salford City College sadly came to end due to a temporary contract, it was warming to hear such kind thoughts that they had about me.

As I have said on another post, I received a few gifts and a lovely card. The card of which stated:

To Tasha,

A massive thank you for all your hard work and always with a smile on your face. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Good luck with your job hunting. The right job will find you and they’ll be lucky to have you.

Love and best wishes from your friends in Learning Support


The littlest things really do make me smile. It is these times where I hear that I have completed something successfully and people are sure that I will make the next stage in my life and succeed even more.

As soon as I stepped onto the plane to head back home from holiday, I knew it was closer to facing reality. We all know how it feels at the end of the holiday, unless you still have days off – it is back to work, keeping busy, attending to duties etc.

However, for me it was knowing that I did not have a job to come back to which has contributed to of my worry recently. When will someone employ me? Will I have to wait as long as I did previously?

Fortunately though, I had some good news whilst soaking up in the sun. I received an email to attend a second interview stage at a company which interviewed me two days before I went away to Portugal for the week. It felt good to read something other than ‘We regret to inform you… but other people…’

So I am keeping my fingers crossed for the interview tomorrow morning. Whatever happens will happen. I know that the right job will come along. I have to stay patient and find as many opportunities as I can along the way.

I am very glad that I took this approach as today, my skills and experience have been recognised by companies within the media industry. I have received a response from Salford Online. They have offered me an interview in order to be considered for their news desk work placement programme.

Working hard and being patient does pay off! I am so excited to see where these and many more opportunities can take me. I always have and will put my heart and soul in everything that I do. It has taken a lot of determination and enthusiasm, even in the positions I have not felt most confident in to be where I am today.

Let’s see what these next couple of weeks bring…

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