What Have I Achieved in the Past Week?


For those people who did not experience a wonderful week last week, I hope that this week will bring you much more hope and delight.

Amongst any kind of stress or worry that can be on the mind of some people, it is worthwhile to reflect on the things you have achieved. My week was not full of the most exciting activities on the planet. However, there were experiences which were very valuable and I am glad to have accomplished them.

I am glad to have submitted a second piece of writing to an online magazine which I am currently volunteering with. This submission is based on a migraine being much more than a headache. I cannot wait to share this with all of you. It always feels good to share experiences and hear about how people can relate to them or even inform them of the subject.You can read my first published piece, The Loss and Love of New Life: A mother and her daughter.

In addition, I have been accepted to volunteer with The Mix (YouthNet). The role involves replying to threads posted by under twenty-five year olds to offer support and a confidential voice on sex and relationships and beyond (health, wellbeing, lifestyle etc.) It has been an eye-opening experience so far as to how many people are willing to share their personal experiences and how many people and seeking guidance.

Another happy moment was yesterday. Mum was in work and I wanted to do something to surprise her. So, after mine and dad’s trip to Smyths Toy Store to purchase gifts for my niece’s birthday, I went to buy food for our tea.

I decided to make something for all of us. It is something I do very often, as in an actual meal, and I just wanted my mum to have one less thing to do. Usually, I worry about cooking, especially if other people are in the kitchen with me and I am not doing it how they would like it to be.

However, I surprised myself. It is not like I knew I could not do it because I have made a meal before. It was the simple bliss of knowing when you put your mind to some of the simple things in life, you will see how it can be done.

Luckily, there were no complaints or bad stomachs afterwards. Phew! My dad might as well have licked his plate clean. And my mum finished the whole meal, with garlic bread, and ate at the same time as us which does not always happen on a frequent basis.

So we were happy all round.

These are just two simple things that have made me feel like I have been productive and accomplished something this week – amongst the tidying and cleaning up that I like to maintain.

I always knew I would find my place. As I will also continue to do so with more opportunities that come my way in the future. I hope this approach me in the near future.

Did you meet your goals or do anything unexpected?

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