Negative Things Can Happen All at Once but so Can Positive Things


During the last month, I have been back onto the job applications and interviews again as my current role ends at the end of next month.

The feeling of not being the successful candidate is the norm for me as you are all aware. Though I have to say, the times where I have been given the opportunity to attend an interview, I have been very grateful for. Especially as it helps to strengthen my interview techniques.

That being said, I have recently received feedback which was rather positive in relation to my skills. I was informed by two companies which interviewed me this week that I interview very well and my writing style is very strong. However, I was not given either of the roles due to less experience within a particular department in comparison to the successful candidate.

In a way, I am still triumphant I guess. The right job is out there for me and I will give it my all. The people who love me dearly have no doubt in that I have so much potential to give. I am starting to believe this myself. There is nothing wrong with noticing this. Always be aware of your strengths and weaknesses – you can use each to build upon your professional and person characteristics.

Today, after being informed that I did not get the second job, and a fire taking place at work, I needed some upbeat news. It did not happen just yet though. As six hours passed after the fire this morning, it was finally time to travel home. Of course, it started to rain… and then it decided to rain some more. Wonderful.

The gloomiest ending to the most tiring day – tiring in the way that we were waiting around and was not entirely sure what was happening.

After a short walk, I arrived home (please bear in mind I had a cardigan on and not a coat and I felt like today was the day to brave without a coat). Wow I was wrong.

Not long after getting through the door, I received a phone call. We all know the feeling when an ‘unknown’ number calls our phones. “Hmm… do I answer this” but then you will only wonder who it is if you do not take the call.

I am glad that I did answer the phone because it was a telephone interview for a role which I had recently applied for – a Content Executive. I do not get my hopes up too much anymore because I have learnt that it can often lead to disappointment in the employment world, especially in such a competitive industry.

However, I do take an optimistic approach. People out there are still noticing my work – I must be some value to the media industry in some way or another. I like to consider myself as a blogger who writes with a sense of friendless for a reader who does not know me. I have learnt that I am a very strong-minded person who will continue to stick to my guns.

It is a feeling that I will never let go of. As much as I receive an unsuccessful application, or a ‘no further progress to your application’ email, I will not stop trying.

Just because you have not had the best of days today, does not mean to say that you have to flood a negative energy on tomorrow’s rays of possibilities. Do not slate something before it has even started.

Give things a chance and see where they can take you. Definitely challenge yourself and you could become the stronger minded person you never thought you were, like myself.

If I can, you can.

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