The Sunshine of Yesterday


Yesterday I took full advantage of the sunshine. Rather than continuing my job application preparation indoors, I decided that to go outside was the much brighter and happier option.

It felt refreshing to have taken the time away from my laptop and writing my thoughts down with pen and paper. Taking advantage of the sunshine whilst it was still here in my neighbourhood was fulfilling, as I was able to maximise my thoughts.

I cannot wait until I am finally in a place where I do not have to worry about my job ending and actually look forward to the challenges and excitement is holds. When this day comes, I will be able to feel a bit of sunshine on the dullest of days.

Another happy moment yesterday was receiving my Beyoncé tickets for World Formation Tour. I answered the door to the postman and was asked to sign for a package. I did not stop to think what I was signing for but did so anyway.

I came inside the house, opened the envelope and yes, screamed a little with excitement as soon as I seen the word ‘Beyoncé’ I knew what they were. Sorry Mr. postman for nearly snatching the whole pile of post that was not all mine before I even knew what was inside.

Much of the day was spent in my back garden. Even though I took breaks to come back indoors and to make sure I was drinking plenty of fluids and put my niece’s factor 50 sun cream on myself, I still managed to burn. Aloe Vera after sun is working a treat though.

The day was filled with much positivity. Just like the little butterfly that kept flying by, we can also explore the world. Obviously there are limitations for some people such as money. However, you can work hard to try to make things happen. Explore your thoughts and your possibilities – this does not always mean that you must travel far away to do so.

Sitting in my garden immediately gave me a brighter atmosphere than inside the house.

This day made me think of the childhood days. Remember when you would happily sit in the park all day. You might have had a picnic, played football, rounders etc. I always loved playing on the swings and I would still happily do this today.

The main thing that I realised whilst taking time out of the house yesterday was that, you can amaze yourself with how quickly you are able to gather your thoughts. And for many people it can turn an isolated atmosphere inside the house to a much happier and vibrant mood outdoors.

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