Promoting Others and Exploring a Range of Industries


It is important to promote the work of others just as much as it is to promote yourself in order grow in your desired industry. Showing your admiration of other peoples’ work enables you to share their masterpieces and successes with the world.

I am happy to deliver three people who have caught my eye recently, all from different fields but master their work so flawlessly.

We have Chantelle from Lush Boutique, Tasmin who is a Fashion Design student, and Jessica who is a Health and Wellness Coach and Mentor for Forever Living. Each inspire me in their ways of creativity, business approach, and providing products to help the wellness of our bodies.


Chantelle has not long started her fashion business named ‘Lush Boutique’ and it is growing rapidly already. Her purchases, customer feedback and social media awareness are all appealing to her audience successfully. With a range of clothes and accessories, you can see her products via Facebook and Instagram.

Chantelle believes that supplying the right and most fashionable products to her customers is vital. Especially as she:

“…enjoys the trips to the wholesalers and enjoys seeing her social media channels grow. It is a great feeling to know that people are appealed to your business and want to share the work you have created.”

Do not forget to keep an eye out for her latest competitions and her new website for an online store coming soon.


Tasmin is studying at Manchester Metropolitan University in Fashion Design. During her studies Tasmin is able to “do something creative and enjoyable” simultaneously. There are obviously tight deadlines with a lot of work involved but the feeling that she gets at the end of each piece, as you can imagine, is amazing. She did mention that she does criticise each final piece, however, I see this as a good method to make each piece even better.

For something which is so enjoyable, it often does not feel like work, as she expresses:

To be honest I prefer the pattern cutting sometimes because it involves a bit of maths and I’m a mix of logical and creative.

Therefore, Tasmin is able to take an academic and creative approach together. Hence the mathematics side, there are other skills needed in the fashion design industry that many people are not aware of.

Check out her amazing pieces on Instagram. You’ll love them!


As a Health and Wellness mentor, Jessica has been promoting products and advice for people for the past ten months. She offers a wide range of products in order to better your health and fitness; from Aloe Propolis crème to help soothe eczema and other skin conditions, to weight loss products, Jessica has many remedies and goods to help you.

At the age of twenty-one, Jessica became pregnant. And now, with the business building for Forever Living, Jessica is able to provide for her son of over two months old and happily work at her business from home. The opportunity was something she did not hesitate with as she explains:

I just signed myself up, quit my job of working twelve hours a day and went from there. I am ready to give birth any day now and still working when I feel like it. Most importantly, because I love what I do! I speak to new people every day, meet new mums all the time and still see all my family & friends when I feel like it. The last trimester of my pregnancy have been smooth due to the fact I can rest when I want to rest, clean when I feel like doing so and also have the freedom not many parents or parents-to-be have!

You can connect with Jessica on LinkedIn.

I hope this post has conveyed the message that, everyone has their own ways of work and particular industries that they enjoy as well as working for.

Occasionally, people will question me as to why I blog or want to work within the media Writing/Content Writing industry. My answer: it is what works for me. It is something which I look forward to every day and hope that in time, I will gain my place in a role where a workplace recognises and values my work.

It enables me to express myself, promote the work of others, and raise awareness and all kinds of different things. I can give my own voice and put my own mark on my blog, in the way that it is not primarily focused on one subject but aims to focus on various topics so that, more people can relate to the scenarios and challenges that life throws at us.

When people think I should put something aside which I know I am truly passionate about, I ask myself “Why would I do that?” Yes, money is something which we all need to provide for ourselves and for our families but surely, the effort you have put in something to get where you are today should not be given up.

It will take as long as it takes. I will volunteer and where and whenever I feel is appropriate to where my skill set matches. And most importantly, I will continue to follow what is best for me.

On this journey I am thankful for all of the people who have taken the time to read, share and understand my work and choices.

Follow the things that inspire you – see where the world can take you and be open to facing challenges.

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