A Little Sunshine in Your Day


It’s nice to see how a little sunshine can brighten someone’s day

To look outside and see all of the birds tweeting away

No one knows what the day will hold

But to make every moment count is the truth to be told

Some like to see the blossoming of flowers

And to sit outside and relax in the sun for a few hours

For others it is the feeling of the heat

Of the sun beaming down from your head to your feet

It’s always better to look up the sky

And see that ball of fire shining way up high

No matter how tough your life might be

There’s always something more for you to see

So next time you see some sun

Go outside to see it and enjoy the fun

Or if it just seems like an ordinary day to you

Don’t sit inside with nothing to do

Even if it is only a small walk or a breath of fresh air

Just take a moment to appreciate that light breeze through your hair

A little sunshine always made me smile as a kid

I’d be sad whenever it disappeared and hid

The best kind of sun is when you are abroad

The same can’t be said when you’re heading home on the plane about to board

If it is not sunny where you are today

Still smile – that’s all I can say

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