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Finding Your Preference with Books and Films

At the end of last week, I created a poll in order to discover if the responded audience preferred books or films. The reason that motivated me to do this is that, I wish I was one of those people who could sit there and read a book. And by this, I mean actually put myself into one of the character’s lives and understand their vision through writing.

The results via Twitter reveal that, 56% percent of participants are appealed to books the most while the remaining 44% chose films. Also, people were happy to give their thoughts on Facebook. Danny voted films with the view that,  “I would love to say books but I get too bored or distracted” and  I know that the amount of films he likes to watch is endless.

In addition, Catherine expressed that she “used to love books but films get to the point quicker.” Lauren and Helen voted books and Tony voted films. This gives an all round total of 54% for books and 46% for films.

I enjoy writing, hence my blog and writing portfolio page. The same goes for reading. However, I tend to find myself reading fellow bloggers’ posts and celebrity, lifestyle, popular culture, events, fundraising etc. related topics via social media.

I must mention that I also enjoy reading magazines, not on a regular basis but every now and then. I do not find myself purchasing them every week as I used to when I was younger and collecting those (at the time) popular Groovy Chick monthlies. But I do enjoy reading about celebrity lifestyle and the latest television shows and spoiler updates.

When I was in primary school, I enjoyed reading the Biff and Chip books published by Penguin. By the middle of primary school, I then enjoyed reading the Jacqueline Wilson books and writing book reviews.

I must admit though, that at times, I could not find myself reading the whole entire book. You may ask why. This is because I found it quite difficult to stay attached to the book in the sense that I did not always stay focused to each book chapter by chapter.

On the other hand, I do believe in the saying that “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” As there is always so much more than what meets the eye. There is more character development to be discovered; for example, more background stories, history or contextual meaning behind a certain story/real life event.

I hope that one day I will find myself appealed to a book. I think it is finding the right genre for me to be able to enjoy a book more, or at least more than I do now, in comparison to watching a film.

I have always been a visual learner, which lead me to my preferences and approaches that I have adapted. Let me put this into context. When someone tells me how something needs to be done, I would prefer a graphical image, which instructs me or to see it demonstrated in person.

I took a liking to mathematical equations throughout primary school and high school. It was not until high school that I realised how much I improved my ability to solve them.

When revising for test and exams or planning an essay, I have always created a mind map. The way in which they lead to different pathways, also helps me to imagine life scenarios and the different outcomes of a good or bad situation. I have always been a lover of art and creative things.

I was not the strongest at creating moving image in my studies; however, I was creative with my writing and photography projects. I’m no professional but being creative enables you to discover new things each time you attempt something new.

There have been times where I have doubted my creative abilities. For example, there was a contextualising practice unit at university and one particular project where the theme was streets in Manchester. I did not have a clue where to begin, what I wanted to create and what I wanted other people to see.

I did not make a film but I did take lots and lots of photographs. I then began to realise that editing these photographs to create different moods and style of eras was the way to tackle this task for me.

It was the only ever creative task that I achieved a first grade in at university, which is one of the reasons it distinctly stays in my mind. That and the fact being that I tried something I was not very comfortable with at first, but learnt my way to make the task my very own. I would like to think that one day, I can do this with reading a book. It takes a good beginning to keep me fixed.

With the readings provided at university for seminars, I used to think I was in a completely different world. This was not because I found them interested. Each week, I just did not know what to share about them. I did not take in the whole meaning behind them or feel passionate about them to have any kind of view. It was only when I went into the library to find my own readings that I started to understand the theory behind them a little more.

Just because I see myself as more of a person who prefers films does not mean say that there are films I do not like. Sometimes in university lectures, we would have a screening at the end. These were units related to film history and theory along with video production. I can honestly say that at least 60 per cent of those films did not appeal to me.

Half of the time, there would be around five students left in the lecture theatre. It takes a lot more than people think to analyse moving image, especially when there is a lot of history and culture that others do not recognise. People think reading books are the heart of studying to success but I think both books and audio-visual are as important as each other.

Having come from a background of seven years in education with media studies, I do find myself analysing the camera angles, character representation and narrative structure within a film. It has become a habit that I don’t ever think will drift away. It is part of me, how I learn to understand something visually within a film. This is something that I struggle to do with reading a book.

However, since I have been writing more and more, I have developed my understanding of expressing myself and engaging the reader.

I have surprised myself when companies/people have commented on my work at how they have found it to be a positive read or how they can relate to it. Perhaps, I can surprise myself my finding a book that I can thoroughly enjoy.

Another thing is that, I would love to discover the reasons for some people taking a fondness to the book adaptation rather than the film. Especially as books’ originality are often seen as being most real or as real as it can be.

I love to see a person’s reaction and expression for something in person but then again, I find myself appealed to stories that have shared on blogs so I definitely think it is time to try to complete a book.

In my eyes, both written and moving image stories are inspirational when it comes to a battle of sickness, relationships, family and love. I wonder if I will find even more inspiration with a book of significant stories in…

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