Just a Baby Face


Girls who are five years younger than me are starting to make me feel like I am the younger one. Beauty trends for young girls nowadays are changing so fast. Their make-up is done so impressively in a way that I would never be able to do. Some have had their lips done. Or their eye brows are “on point” as many would say.

Now I mention it, I’ve never had mine done. I went through a stage where I had plucked them with tweezers because my friend did. That was a bad mistake as thinner eyebrows just weren’t for me.

When I look back on 16-year-old me, I was only just beginning to use a bit of mascara and applying powder and liquid foundation. And now, these girls can contour? What? Was there a part of evolution that I missed? It is quite scary to look at my five-year-old niece and wonder how it’ll be for her. Especially with the influence from the media growing at a fast rate.

Then again, many teenagers are aspiring to be/look like their favourite celebrities. Take Kendal and Kylie Jenner for example, they have thousands of the male population’s attention. There’s no doubt about it – they look a lot older than their actual age. But at what point can we say, that is enough now?

I had idols when I was younger like Baby Spice and wanting to have my blonde hair in piggy tails like her. Or, I would love to use glittery products on my skin and wear lip gloss. We don’t see this anymore? Even at sixteen years old, I did not own half as much make-up products as girls do now. Time does change though. That, we cannot deny.

As at time changes, so do trends. It feels good to make yourself feel more attractive. I’ve gone through stages of having my hair with blonde highlights, then fully brown, back to blonde again. It’s normal to want to have your own beauty that suits you. However, natural beauty is being taken away from so many young girls. By this, I mean that, their natural face is mostly covered in the public eye. Whether this be make-up or photo effects on Instagram.

I admire the ones who are waiting until they mature into a woman before there take such drastic decisions with their skin and beauty choices.

Whenever I go to a club, there will be a small percentage that are genuinely younger than me, but most of the time, there are girls who look ridiculously older than me and actually younger. I don’t wear eyelashes and I don’t contour my face but I still make an effort. I have to face the facts that I’ll always have a baby face.

Girls can wear heels that I would not have dreamed of wearing until, well, that still lies in the future. I’m small regardless of the size of my heels on a night out. Sometimes, I’ll be at the bar and wonder how they did their eyeshadow like that. They might have had it done by a professional. Still, I’ve still met young girls with the talent to do this in a way that I never could.

How about confidence? Some girls manipulate their way through the doors with a fake I.D and I’m there as a genuine 21 year-old, 22 coming this year and they’ll concentrate on mine. Yes, that’s me. My hair is a lot darker and I look younger than I do now, it was nearly six years ago! Argh. So frustrating. I even got double checked on my bus pass the other day because he didn’t think it looked like me – my bus pass though!

Perhaps I look younger because I don’t have those nails on, or fake tan, or eyelashes like the other girls but each girl is to their own. Just like anybody in the world. If they want to look like another celebrity or simply want to express themselves the way they do then so be it.

The only thing is, it is not always nights out where you witness this. It can simply be walking round to your corner shop or taking a bus ride somewhere. In fact, with working at a college, I see plenty of girls that must look at me and must wonder how I am older than them. Not all, but some at least.

That’s okay though. I can deal with that. People are going to have judgements on how you look. Several others won’t care less. Everyone has their own opinions. I look up to some girls have a confidence that I never had.

The most important thing – just be you. Never let your appearance take away your personality.


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