All You Need is Love…


Valentine’s Day is approaching us, very soon in fact. Whether you are somebody who is in a contented relationship with your significant other, or you are single, it is okay either way.

If you are on your lonesome, which I always was before spending the last three years with my true love, there are ways around it. It might not affect you in the slightest. Perhaps it’s just another day.

On the other hand, you could think, it is time to treat and pamper yourself – why not? You might want to demolish a massive pepperoni pizza; watch a soppy, romantic film; or just carry on with your everyday routine.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many of us, especially for those who are the romantic types. Well, in fact, some people can surprise you with romantic gestures that you would not usually expect from them.

But I should mention that, Valentine’s Day is not the one day a year where you should devote your love to someone. If you love someone from the bottom of your heart, make sure they know it each and every day of your lives that you spend together.

I was never one of the kids at school whose parents bought Valentine’s Day cards for them. I had never received a bouquet of flowers for any kind of occasion up until I got in a relationship with, Daniel. A man who has turned out to be my best friend and true love combined.

I received flowers at my front door as a surprise for my 19th birthday. I am turning 22 in a couple of months and in these past three years, I have experienced a love which I never knew I could feel.

No one had ever told me that they loved me on Valentine’s Day. Daniel was the first male friend or anyone for that matter to have wished me a happy Valentine’s Day via text before we were in a relationship. He goes out of his way to give me things I have never had before. His happiness is a huge importance in my life too.

So, Daniel, when you are reading this, remember that, you never have to try because you’re thoughtfulness and loving personality comes effortlessly.

It is up to you if you want to send someone a gift. It is not the most important part. Being with them and knowing you are thought about it what makes it all so special. I for one am so happy to be spending an endless amount of Valentine’s, birthdays and other occasions with my boyfriend. I am going to be there with him through it all.

Love is a word I use when I talk about chicken… or pizza… or Disney. But on a serious note, to say I love you, is one of the most wholehearted three words to hear. Especially when you know he or she loves you just as much.

Laugh you’ll laugh and cry. But let’s hope for laughs to be the modal one
ne and Only I know that my boyfriend certainly is
alue and respect them
xcitement it’s amazing to experience this with the little and big things in life

And, this is not forgetting the love that I have for my family and friends. I love them all dearly and I always will.

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. Valentine’s Day or your lazy Sunday, whichever you decide on.


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