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10 Things You Might Need on Cold Winter Days and Nights

I don’t know about you, but winter or not, my hands and feet are always cold! I am not anaemic but it just seems to be the case. Whether I am at work, in the house or outside, below lists things that are my essential winter recommendations (in no particular order).

Cup of tea or a hot chocolate – I drink tea every day anyway and well, this weather is just the perfect excuse for a hot chocolate.

A hat (if you wish), gloves and scarf are a definite – I always ask the question, “Is it too early to where them yet?”

Fluffy or thermal socks – we all need these, especially for us girls who love to wear our boots in the cold weather as it makes them a more comfy to wear.

Wearing layers – sometimes, feeling like a hippopotamus is a lot better than freezing yourself to death – comfort before appearance on this one boys and girls!

A coat, jacket, and umbrella – of course we need this! I don’t know how some people travel in this weather without a coat or jacket. And an umbrella comes in handy for those especially who do not drive and people like me who through more than three a year because I leave them on buses or misplace them.

Blanket – personally, I need a quilt AND a blanket. I cannot be at my warmest temperature without both of them.

Bath – a nice soak in the bath is always a winner, relaxation and warmth at the same time.

Teddy – yes, many know this already. I have a lot of teddies. I think I am mistaken for a child sometimes but I love them, especially my big teddy bear, which I got on my second Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend.

Fluffy jumpers – my boyfriend hates them because they get fluff everywhere but they are warm and cosy and I like them!

Pyjamas – I do love my long-sleeved pyjama tops and bottoms in this weather. Even better, I love fleecy ones especially around Christmas.

Something I definitely need, which I have not had since I was younger, are earmuffs! 

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