My Best Friend and One True Love


In 2013, my boyfriend and I finally made it official that we were together in a relationship. Just one week before my birthday this had happened, so it was not so good timing for Danny.

However, he amazed me just as always does and had a bouquet of these beautiful flowers delivered especially for me as a surprise to my home.He also added a little fuzzy teddy bear, which I keep with my collection and will treasure forever.

In February of this same year, before we were together, Danny remembered that I got my mum some flowers whilst visiting her in hospital – he took this opportunity especially to show me that I deserve to have flowers.

Not only this, but, he also took into mind that I had never received flowers from anyone before. This is what makes Danny the most loving, thoughtful and amazing man that he is.

Looking at a photo of these flowers brings back memories of how we should have got to together in 2010 (however, I ignored the signs and the fact Danny was interested me, I never thought he would see me as more than a friend). But, we found our way back to one another, which is the most important thing. We have each other and always will.

These flowers did eventually die but I have had several other bouquets, which make me smile just as much every time. These kinds of memories will remain in my mind forever, as will our relationship.

We are always truthful, considerate and compassionate towards each other and he is my best friend. There is no one in this world who makes me laugh like Danny does and who can put a smile on my face at the most difficult and challenging times.

I am not saying that, flowers have to show a sign of love to your girlfriend but, it gives me the most heart feeling moment when Danny does something I don’t expect him to do in order to see a smile on face.

He always wants me to have and experience things, which I never have before – this is why I hold all of our memories in my mind because he is the best person to share everything with through good and bad times.

You’re one of a kind in the whole entire universe, Daniel Guy.

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